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Mt Vision of Kärnten

What is the VISION OF KARNTEN project. It's a photo project that comes from my real love for this region and from the need as an artist to spread the beauty. We live in a beautiful world that we too often ignore by focusing only on the negative aspects of life… well, my intent is instead to put the beauty that surrounds us literally in front of people's eyes. It is my work and in this project I would like to do it through the images of nature and landscapes that this region offers. The great poet and writer Dostoevsky said that Beauty will save the world…I want to try to contribute! The idea of ​​a photographic project on Carinthia was born a few years ago, more or less when I moved to live here in this splendid region of Austria. I love this area, in my opinion one of the most beautiful areas in Europe and where one can live better among other things. it is an ideal environment, where people have great respect for all of nature, for living in the midst of nature; in fact here there are hundreds of lakes, rivers, mountains, woods, the landscape is breathtaking both in winter with snow and in summer in full bloom. I have personally traveled more than a thousand km by car and on foot in all 4 seasons, to explore or to return to the same places but with better light. I have photographed frozen lakes, snowy plateaus, sunsets and starry skies, woods and waterfalls. I have visited hidden places and climbed mountains, I have always discovered new angles, one more suggestive than the next. The love for Carinthia and the need to pass on to others the suggestions that this region offers us, are some of the reasons that prompted me to conceive this project. Through photographic stories I have tried to rediscover the almost meditative silence of certain landscapes or the symphony of other landscapes or the epic echo of the mountains. The different seasons are reflected in the intense colors or it is the black and white, fairytale, which enhances the geometric and abstract shapes, abstracting reality in an aesthetic and sublime game. I let myself be carried away to places of the heart, opening the door to the spirit of the place

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