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Bird of Prey

After all, photography is a more hasty way to make a sculpture.
Robert Mapplethorpe

I live very close to one of the largest reception and training centers and breeding of birds of prey in Europe  in Landskron, in Austria. To finance the reception center for injured birds of prey, some of these animals housed here are often used for TV and film productions. Like the owl from Harry Potter!
I have always been fascinated by these large birds of prey, I like birdwatching and often walking in the mountains or in the woods I have come across them more than once up close. I remember once when I surprised a barn owl trapped inside an abandoned farmhouse. What a feat to capture and release! My project is the combination of different passions, the one for birds of prey, for photography and for the spiritual world. The title Birds of Pre(a)y is a play-words  and pronunciation in English for the word “prey” which means prey and “pray” prayer but they are pronounced the same way. I met some shamans and read some books on shamanism and the shamans' power animals and here I got the idea of making a series of mystical portraits, my point of view on the subject: prayer animals! Portraits of animals symbol of the shamanic spiritual world, which are bears, wolves, deer, weasels and snakes, but above all it is the birds of prey that capture the collective imagination. When it comes to power animals, two species come to mind, the wolf and the eagle! That's why I started the project with birds of prey. Nature is always a source of wisdom and teaching if only we wanted to observe it better.

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