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Where there is a lot of light, the shadow is darker. 
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Albert Einstein wrote:

“Everything is energy, which is all there is. Tune into the frequency of reality you want and you can only get that reality. There is no other way than this. This is not philosophy or mysticism, but physics. "

2015, declared World Year of Light by UNESCO. Sunlight, artificial light as a precious comfort, research for the use of light such as optical fibers, lasers, etc. But I believe in another type of light and I concentrate my work on that. We are made of vibrations, that is, we are made of molecules and atoms, but since the atoms themselves are actually electromagnetic waves, they are also vibrations, or rather vibratory frequencies. The universe, the world and the human being are vibrations. Everyone vibrates differently, has its own frequency, faster or slower. Gases are made up of particles that vibrate much faster than those that make up solids ... so subtle energies have a higher vibration than "gross" energies, those that make up matter. Today scientists have discovered quantum physics (quanta would be much smaller particles than electrons !!) and these discoveries question our beliefs about matter and the physical world. The alignment of one's vibratory frequencies on more subtle frequencies and tunings will lead us to discover a reality that is much richer, multifaceted and more complex than what we have been taught. Probably the world and the reality in which we are immersed is not only what we are used to, I would say conditioned, to see with the eyes, to understand with the mind; Therefore we ourselves, like a stone, are fundamentally immaterial, without fixity, and made up of waves. What appears at the grossest levels of matter, that is, the world in its physical manifestations, is only the surface of a much more complex truth; there is more, much more to perceive. Something that lives and coexists at the same time as us and with us, a kind of expanded reality .... If only we had senses to be aware of it ... What I imagine and have tried to represent with my photographs is a dimension made of light , of energy in continuous movement: it changes, changes shape, color and size, floats in the air, pulsates and dances. Our subtle bodies, auras and chakras, emanations of ourselves, lengthen, shorten, change, rotate and merge with the energy fields of other people, things, animals; we are all connected and immersed in a single huge sea of energy, of universal consciousness: everything is created, nothing is truly destroyed, even situations, emotions are transitory, as the Buddhists say, everything is impermanence. Maybe angels are also made of the same energy?

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