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Trees of life

“Without strong roots, no plant can grow beautiful and healthy”.
steven spielberg

This project lasted a year: in winter I took pictures of the "naked" trees looking for trees suitable for my purpose, therefore isolated and that could be photographed against the sky, in silhouette to use them, processed in photoshop, as roots. Then in the summer the same thing but with trees in full bloom and foliageMy intent was to use one of my favorite subjects, trees, to communicate a universal message, developing a metaphor for the human and personal condition. In fact, just like trees, we too have two halves, one reaching upwards, ideals, spirituality, the search for something of a greater plan, of God ... and this is the crown, reaching towards the sky, the sun, life. It is the soul .But since we are also made up of mind and body ... the other half, the roots of the tree, are the mind and our body, the legs, in contact with the earth. We need this part to achieve things on earth, during life, in matter, in relationships etc ... just like the tree, to make it work at its best we should root ourselves in the present moment, unite with the earth, with the environment to the whole.

Then in the course of 2021 I decided for a second interpretation: the upper part, the winter tree represents the dark and dark phases of life, the "winters" of the soul but also of society ... but like everything, every situation has the downside, has its opposite, yin and yang , and therefore here is the lower part, the hidden one but which exists and is already blooming, it is already full of life, the "flourishing" part of the soul, the hope of the best that comes


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