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My vision of kärnten

The love for Carinthia and the need to pass on the suggestions that this region offers us to others are some of the reasons that prompted me to conceive this project.

By a photographic story telling I tried to find again the almost meditative silence of certain landscapes or the symphony and echo of the mountains. The different seasons are reflected in the intense colors or it is the black and white, fairytale, which enhances the geometric shapes, abstracting reality in an aesthetic and sublime game. I let myself be transported to the places of the heart, opening the door to the spirit of the place

snow, lake, adbstract image
My Vision of Kärnten_the door handle_lunardi_stefano_DJI_0288_1.jpg
cherry spring_Z7I3112_edited.jpg
My Vision of Kärnten_green roots_lunardi_stefano__Z7I0893_1.jpg
My Vision of Kärnten_winter tree_lunardi_stefano__Z7I4670.jpg
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