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The Winter Tree Eye is a stunning fine art picture framed print that measures 90x60 cm or 70x100 cm, depending on your preference. This beautiful piece captures the essence of winter with its intricate tree branches covered in snow. The attention to detail is remarkable, and the overall effect is breathtaking. The piece is framed to perfection, ready to hang in your home or office. Bring the beauty of winter indoors with the Winter Tree Eye.


Winter tree eye - ed. 1-25 - carta Hannemule photo rag stampata con plotter Hp

 - dati tecnici di ripresa: fotocamera nikon Z7II f10, 1/8000 sec, lens 24-70 f4,  postproduzione con lightroom e photoshop


scopri di piu' sul progetto

winter tree eye - 90x60 cm - 70x100 cm incorniciato

€ 790,00Prezzo
  • Limited Edition, Edition of: 25, Signed 2021 / 2022 - 90x60  - 70x100 framed , SPECIAL ART EDITION Hand-signed, limited,  Material: black metallic or wood frame with acrylic glass glossy, hannemule fine art paper photo rag 308 gr

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