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Tree of life - Cosmos upside down Tree

The upside down tree is an ideogram that symbolizes the cosmos. Masudi mentions a Sabaean tradition according to which Plato would have affirmed that man is an upturned plant, whose roots extend towards the earth. Jewish esotericism takes up the same idea: The tree of life extends from above to below and the sun illuminates it totally.

Life comes from the sky and penetrates the earth: in Dante, it is a tree that lives from its top.
There is nothing antiscientific about this conception; but the eastern en-haute is sacralized and photogenesis is explained by the power of celestial beings. The Hindu symbolism of the inverted tree, which is expressed as known in the Bhagavad Gita, also means that the roots are the principle of manifestation and the branches the manifestation of that which has blossomed.

The Vedic texts attest to the existence of the upside-down tree tradition: it comes from the conception of the role of the sun and light in the growth of living beings. From above they infuse life, while striving to let it penetrate below. From this, the reversal of images: the fronds play the role of the roots, the roots that of the branches.

 In India the tree is revered as a manifestation of the sacred. His name is Acvattha and he represents the sacredness of the universe in continuous regeneration, he is the liberator of human anguish and is revered as a God, purifier of sins.

The upper part, the winter tree represents the dark and dark phases of life, the "winters" of the soul but also of society ... but like everything, every situation has its downside, it has its opposite, yin and yang , and therefore here is the lower part, the hidden one that exists and is already flourishing, is already full of life, the "flourishing" part of the soul, the hope of the best to come

We must become like the tree, which sinks its roots deeper into the earth and raises its branches higher to gather the light. In this synergy of earth and light it can give life to its mission. The result. For this reason the tree was sacred to numerous ancient civilizations of which we now also have little memory. The tree was a symbol of unity, it was the transcendental man. Our possibility to go beyond the duality of the mind.

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