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On 9 December 2013 we received the qualification of QEP, today we want to explain what it is.
Qualified European Photographer is a European-level certification that certifies the technical and artistic skills of the professional photographers who receive it, a kind of ISO 9001.
The authenticity and seriousness of the qualification awarded is given by the fact that it is conferred by a jury of photographers who are part of the FEP, the international association of European national associations
Besides the QEP there is also the MASTER QEP, the highest qualification in the sector, of which only 5 Italian photographers can boast. In Friuli Venezia Giulia only three photographers have the QEP.
at benefit for customers?
Apparently none, if not the certainty of relying on a reliable and internationally recognized supplier, who certainly has many years of experience with at least an expert career behind him.
For the rest, market rules apply.
For more information you can visit the QEP website at this link

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